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• 1/30/2015

Not leaving

Hey guys! I saw your all still loving me and announcing a good news:
I love you guys and I love editing there! If in other wikis (such as Total Drama wiki, when at the beginning on Wikia I was bullied by other users for editing images) everyone will harass me for any useless stuff, on both here and Gumbapedia Fanon I fell understood. Everyone respects me and I respect you too, but seriously, because it's an invented show, just lemme make some edits!
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• 1/30/2015

Temporary leaving

Believe it or not, I leave both Gumbapedia Fanon and Gumball Final Fantasy Wikis.
The reason is I get sick of everybody hating me over and over night. What did I do? I just did only what I thought it's from my fandom. But... BAM! Everybody's against me! And why?
I return when I believe it's the case. Till then, I leave GumbalFangirl123 to rule this wiki. Be nice to her.
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