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Temporary leaving

Believe it or not, I leave both Gumbapedia Fanon and Gumball Final Fantasy Wikis.

The reason is I get sick of everybody hating me over and over night. What did I do? I just did only what I thought it's from my fandom. But... BAM! Everybody's against me! And why?

I return when I believe it's the case. Till then, I leave GumbalFangirl123 to rule this wiki. Be nice to her.



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I leave none will be leaving cause no one will go anywhere. Sorry, dude. Too serious about leaving. You see? You just got to understand the feelings of some people you really care, like Maria, me or anyone. Sometimes, friendship can be challenging and you just got to make up what's right. It's called "The Guilt", you will leave the wiki because you do understand but not harder of what they really like, so let them be. Just don't leave.

please,dont leave. we do all like you and i just dont want you to leave. dont care what other saying to you, you are a really good friend and you make really good fanfics and characters.


Well see? Just some words said without any remorses and stuff like this will almos broke our friendship. I'm guilty for it, and I'm aware that it started because I changed Mabel's voice actress. I really like Bridgit's voice. (and WOAH! her singing voice is so extraordinary!)

Do you watch Violetta? If not, it's also on Disney. It's about a girl who wants to became a singer. And ALL MY CLASSMATES even WATCHED ALL THE EPISODES! (there's season three). And guess who played as a special guess! Bridgit! Yes, this is true! She even sang Hurricane with the students of Studio 21!

I'm glad my message makes you change your mind and I strongly believe that I won't leave anymore.