Looks like this place has been quiet for a while, huh? The Cymbio's been gone for ages. Everyone else is just living a normal life now. Gumball and Darwin are just normal, average kids again, who live a silly and fun life. All of the former threats of Elmore are gone. Flamehammer, Fangy, S.T.L, that wizard guy, and even Dr. Budar himself. Everyone is finally happy again.


Well, there is one final threat.

There's one last true threat in this world. The Cymbio is gone, and there's no one to stop it. It's hopeless. Even if we'd try to stop it, it's no use. It's too powerful from all of the anger in its inner form. It's only a matter of time before it's plan commences.

You probably don't know who, or what I'm talking about, don't you? It's alright, I understand. I may as well sum this all up.

I don't know how long I can obtain this form. I only have a small matter of time before I return back to the hell I've lived in for so long. I'm so sorry. I never knew that I could've been alive for so many years, only for all of that time to come to this. I wish that I could just go back to being a simple, and innocent person. I guess it's too late for any of that now, huh?

It's almost time for me to go. Again, I'm so sorry for all the horrible things I've done for the past three years. I wish I could just take that all back, and go back to being who I used to be. I just wanna see my old friends again. I just wanna see .... / --- / - / -.. / --- / --. again. I wish that I'd have a second chance at all of this. But it's too late. He's almost here.

He's almost h e r e.

Oh, don't worry.

I'll make sure that NO ONE will remain to try to stop me.

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