Rebecca "Beckie" Petersson is one of the main characters in Gumball Final Fantasy.

Rebecca Petersson
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Hair Color: Copper
Eye Color: Black
Brown (enlarged)
Nationality: American with British and Japanese roots
Species: Cat
Hometown: Elmore
Born: December 13, 2000
Professional Information
  Monster Killer
Friends and Family
Robin and Agnes Petersson
Conny and Lilly.
Cymbio, Pac, Eloisa, and good people
Dr.Budur, Tulip, and evil people.
Love interests:
Pets: Pac and Blossom
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by:
Alyson Stoner

Mai Nakahara (when speaking in Japanese)

Personality Edit

She is a nice, shy and compassionate girl, but brave. She is seen often hanging out with Darwin, Pac, Purriana and the youngest in the group. She is very careful and protective to things that are important to her, like her diary.

She is often in the town and sometimes fight with the group. She is with the youngest in the group, because she watches over them if they do something stupid or mean.

She both hates and scared of clowns though. She enjoys being alone under the cherry tree, where she can write on her diary without anyone knowing about her secrets, and sometimes, she rather be with her friends and hang out.

She is shown to be very important in the group because she can protect the youngest in the group and gives very good advice.

Appearance Edit

She is a pink cat with copper hair and in a pixie cut. Her attire consists of a pinkish red jumper over a white shirt with grey plaids, long grey translucent stockings and dark brown combat boots. But sometimes, she wears ballet flats, in case if she ever gets blisters.

Later in season 2, she has a long light yellow untied jacket with a hood with ears, red top with dark red stripes, hot pink skirt, long light grey boots and white socks. After the episode "Control Your Gems", she got a Yin-Yang gem on herself on a belt.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the only one who has another voice actress.

Gallery Edit

Beckies staff

Beckies magic staff.

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