Chosen is a two-part special of Gumball Final Fantasy.

Part 1 Edit

(Scene changes to Eloisa's castle, where the gang are right now)

Gumball: Alright, Eloisa! What's the news?

Eloisa: Now everyone, we all have some important things to tell you. ALL of you.

(The Cymbio looked at each other)

Eloisa: We all decided who are going to become the next rulers of the kingdoms you saved. And they are...

(Theme song begins)

(At the clubhouse, everyone is doing nothing. They all looked at who opened the door. It was Eleanor, who is carrying a rolled piece of paper)

Eleanor: Hey guys, emergency in Keotopia. Now!

(In Keotopia, the Cymbio rushed in)

Gumball: Eloisa! We're here! What's wrong??

Eloisa: (approaches) Finally, you are all here! There has been a problem beyond Keotopia.

Martha: Where?! Minodag?!

Eloisa: No, there is no situation happening on Minodag. Not even on Ceres either.

Rayona: Then where?

Eloisa: Have you all know where have your powers originated?

Purriana: N-no.

Mabel: Same with me.

Gumball: Earth?

Eloisa: No, not even on your home planet.

Cobby: (thinks) Hmm... I've known this before.

Caroline: Wait, y-you know?! TELL US.

Cobby: I don't think that this is what it's called... The Element World?

Andy: Element World?

Eloisa: Correct. It is the Element World, and now it is in ruins.

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