Daniella Monet-Gardner, known as Daniella Monet, is an actress who portrays Martha in Burned.

Daniella Monet-Gardner "Daniella"
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Hair Color: Lemon Blonde with purple linings
Eye Color: Brown
Nationality: American
Hometown: California
Born: March 1, 1989
Also known as: Trina, Martha
Professional Information
  Actress, singer
Friends and Family
Love interests:
Andrew Gardner (husband)

Role as Martha Edit

As a horrible actress on Victorious, she became Tootie in The Fairly Oddparents. Since she has no more jobs to do, she decided to stay at home like a housewife.

James Lamont, who chosed Bridgit and Debby, asked Daniella if she would audition her acting skill to the test since Dan Schneider recorded her voice, which she agrees. After she auditioned, the directors thought that her voice and skills are so optimistic, she also got the part.

In the movie, she unknowingly saw Drake by and was shocked because she had to kiss with him again, since The Fairly Oddparents.