RC: Hey guys, da buro RC here. So I decided to make a movie (similar to Frozen and Burned) which focuses on Cobby's darkness powers. This can be the plot:

At midday, Cobby was crowned as ruler of Darkness, but also, like in December's coronation, darkness starts to control him.

After finally becoming a Darkness ruler, Cobby received his own castle on Leopardia. But the things are not good as everyone expected. He started to have very minor control glitch (but which affects his health), but Lauren (Martha's alter-ego who become an individual) notices him and tells everyone that Cobby starts being evil and revolted against him. He then confesses with Cymbio, Eloisa, Khirra and James (who are also the only ones who didn't believed Lauren's story) that his powers are grinding his health, and feels that he's changing to evil every day.

The populations of Keotopia, Leopardia and Ceres, led by Lauren, decided to exile Cobby on Pluto, for living with the rest of the elementals who unsuccessfully tried to be rulers of Darkness. It was decided then that she will rule the castle since she claimed to fully control the element. Mabel was torn by grief and told her teammates that they must help Cobby, even if she has to travel so many light years.

Cobby tries to runaway from the jail in which he was imprisoned, but the guardians catch him. He tries to runaway again, and he manages, but later passes out in the Forest of Night. Finally, the Cymbio found him, but Eloisa discovers that the dark tentacles are approaching by his pure yet weak heart. After the operation that she did to get rid of the tentacles(his guts weren't seen), he wakes up in the Temple of Wisedom, and declares that he's feeling better. Martha tolds him that Lauren was lying about her powers, and was imprisoned in a dungeon, and that he can return to his castle immediately after he recovers, and Mabel kisses him because he was so brave.

A week later, the things return to normal. Cobby is the official Ruler of Darkness, and he feels that his powers can't affect him so much anymore.

RC: So, do you like it? It'll be in cartoon, and the same cast as in the series. And I'll use this song for the official soundtrack (Cobby wasn't really "Under Control")