Dogs are minor characters in Gumball Final Fantasy.

Appearance Edit

Dogs pretty much all look identical to Sullvan Dog, but with lighter fur.

Personality Edit

Dogs, Similar to Hot Dog, both aren't the smartest characters in the show. They pretty much act like a real dog.

History Edit

The Lost Treasure Edit

Dogs first appeared in the Episode, The Lost Treasure, where Hot Dog saw a Dogs screaming, so he asked him what a red gem does.

They are seen again later on when they are formed as an army by Sullvan, but they later become hypnotized by the red gem and they become gem craving zombies.

Puppy Love Edit

A dog also Appeared in Puppy love, where one was hit by a skipping stone on the head.

Crystals Have Power Edit

One dog made another appearance in Crystals Have Power. They were injured multiple times by Martha ,who can't control her powers.

Crimes Edit

One dog appears as a criminal in a jail cell.

The Wolf with a Heart Edit

Dogs also appeared in The Wolf with a heart, where they are tested as test dummies for Jacob to destroy, but Jacob doesn't wan't to hurt them.

The Final Fight (Part 1 and Part 2.) Edit

Dogs made their latest appearance in The Final Fight Saga.

In part one, they swarm around the clubhouse, trying to get the gems, but Sullvan tells them about splinters, and what they do. The Dogs get sickened from this, but when Sullvan tells them that there is a worm inside them, they puke, and make a mess all over the clubhouse.

In part two, They appear again, where they get caught inside a tornado caused by Sullvan just from a simple blow. After the fight with him is over, the tornado disappears, and the gems falls next to one of the dog, which runs away after seeing it.

Trivia Edit

Unlike the Gumbapedia Fanon Wikia:

  • Dogs appear in more fan fictions here than there.
  • Only normal dogs appear in the show. (King Dog, Big Brother, Felix, Max, etc don't appear.)
  • Dogs are always called "dogs". (Not "Clones".)

Despite appearing in a lot of episodes, they aren't part of the Cymbio.

Every other character in the show seems to dislike them due to the fact that they can be very annoying at times.

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