Lady Eleanor (pronounced "Eh-leh-noor") Roseanne Wilkes of Minodag is a supporting character in Gumball Final Fantasy. She is Lady Eloisa's younger sister, and she's training to become the ruler of Keotopia's satellite Minodag.

Lady Eleanor Roseanne Wilkes of Minodag
Gender: Female
Age: 441 (real age)

18-19 (human age)

Hair Color: Platinum blonde
silver (in cursed form)
Eye Color: Sky blue
crystal clear (in cursed form)
Species: Humanoid <Crystal (when cursed)
Hometown: Liouy (a region somewhere in Keotopia), Monoak (the capital of Minodag; when cursed)
Born: December 20, 1618
Also known as: Ellie, Lady Eleanor, Ellie-Phant (by Martha)
Professional Information
  Queen of Crystal (formerly), Future ruler of MInodag
Friends and Family
Earl John Wilkes† and Lady Marie Wilkes†
Eloisa (older sister) Ingrid (older sister)† Glenda (younger sister)†
Cymbio, Eloisa, Crystal Sumokis
Dr. Budur, Ingrid
Love interests:
She mentioned that she had a crush on a Martian leader
Pets: Crystal Sumokis
Powers and Ablities:
Crystal manipulation, self-healing, extensive training, force field generation
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by:
Kristen Bell
Megan Mullaly (when cursed)


The only traits which can be found to both Eleanor and Eloisa are most of their faces, their eye color and the elf-pointed ears. While her older sister has long vanilla cream hair, Eleanor has medium some sort of a darker shade of platinum blonde hair. Her hair is mostly worn in a messy low ponytail. She has no visible lips (however they are there, but they have similar color of her skin) and tiny freckles.

Since she actually hates royal gowns (unless there's a special occasion), her attire consists of "human clothes" - a sky blue off-the-shoulder dress with golden stars on it, a pair of very dark blue (skinny?) jeans and a pair of high-heeled sandals.

However, her ceremonial attire in Burned is a sky blue (really puffy) gown with powder blue trims. Her hair is worn in a loose French braid. She also wears some sort of big powder blue umbrella, like her sister Eloisa.


When Lady Eloisa is very serious and always gets the word in, Lady Eleanor is actually a laid-back girl. She doesn't want to be responsible, despite that she'll become the ruler of Minodag. Unlike her sister, she seems to understand the American teenagers' slang.

She is quite curious of everything new about her surroundings, like seeing tacos for the first time.

History Edit

She was born on December 20th. She was gifted by Ingrid, her sister, with crystal powers by an ancient god of Keotopia, K'an. Ingrid was gifted with ice powers, Eloisa was gifted with a beautiful voice, Glenda was gifted with the ability to see the future, and Eleanor was gifted with the ability to heal herself.

Once her parents passed away after being killed by Turrain, Eleanor has been unwillingly dubbed as the Crystal Queen but she abdicated and found it lame. However, it was a mistake to abdicate, and was cursed. She was rescued by the Cymbio.

Nowadays, Eleanor lives in Eloisa's manor and is training to become the ruler of Minodag.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the third person in history to become the crystal queen, along with her parents.
  • Eleanor goes many times on Earth, at least once a human year.
  • The girl who saved Cobby resemble her. This is possible that she was actually her.
  • She actually enjoys eating human food.
  • Among the four sisters, she is the most adventurous.

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