She is the creator of the series, but also a supporting character.

Name: Edit

GumballFangirl123 ( her account name )

Maria ( her middle name )

Age: Edit

14 ( in other media ) 15-16 ( here ).

Appearance: Edit

She wears a red shirt with a dark red thick sweatshirt, a Black belt and beige short pants and black and white shoes. Later in season 2 she gets a red ying- yang gem on her.

Personality: Edit

She is a hot tempered, hard as nails and tomboyish, but nice, brave and kindhearted Fighter. She always want her job to be done and help others. She seems to be very good friends with Gumball and the Cymbio.

Episodes: Edit

Lego Bricks: her First Apperance. She helps Cymbio's journey to save Cymbio.

The lost Treasure: her second Apperance. She asks Sullvan if he has seen him, and Sullvan said that he saw Hot Dog with a gem, which shocks her. She goes to Hot Dog and also gets hypnotized. Later, after Hot Dog destroys the gem, Sullvan kinda hits on GumballFangirl, but she gets confused.

Get the team on up!: she helps Conny, Mabel, Beckie, their sumokis and Pac through the journey.

Crimes: she, togheter with Hot Dog, frees Cymbio and she helps them.

The Final Fight ( part 2 ): she is only seen in the background at the end.

The Cliff: she with Cymbio is going to the awh cliff. She is seen being with Sullvan.

The return of a Friend: she is shown confronting Lilly when she was crying.

Five nights at Domino's: she is shown in one scene and she tells Sullvan and Hot Dog to be careful.

Control your gems: she got one of her ying-yang gems together with Cymbio.

Claymation: she is only seen in the background, shocked that she is of clay.

the Disease: she got also infected by the disease.

Who do you think you are? ( all parts ): she is shown helping Cymbio.

Two big steps by dogs ( 1 and 3 part ): she is shown to be scared that Sullvan and Hot Dog being Giants.

Dark team up ( part 1 and 2 ): she is helping Cymbio, together with some old friends to stop a new enemy and Dr.Budur once for all.


she can go insane if anyone have chocolate, because she loves chocolate.

she is best friends with Agent in real life.

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