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This is the second season of Gumball Final Fantasy.

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Lapis Lazuli Edit

Purriana becomes the ruler of water, but since she had to go in a one-week vacantion, her gem makes a water clone that looks like her! But, Lapis as temporary queen, becomes evil and tries to destroy Purriana and be queen forever.

The CliffEdit

The Cymbio go to a trip to the Awh Cliff.

Steps of Crystals Edit

Gumball, Rayona and Purriana wants to control their crystal powers, so they can do their own magical outfits like Mabel. But, they can't keep getting all correct since they only made some outfits that looked terrible and they only make a small amount of layer of crystals, so they need their sisterly advice in order to help them....While, Dr. Budur seeks revenge and creates a device that can take away any crystal powers and contain them.

Return of a Friend Edit

Jacob returns to the Cymbio, but he has no memory what have happend since season 1. while that happends, Eloisa revives her sister Eleanor and her younger sister Gerda.

Five nights at Domino's Edit

Sullvan searches for a new job instead fighting monsters and find he could job at Chucky Dominos. He takes Hot Dog with him and go there when it is night. but they did not know that Dr.Budur was behind this and takes control over the animatronics.

Prankster is here Edit

Someone is doing pranks to Cymbio, and they must find out who.

Control your gems Edit

Eloisa gives everyone in Cymbio, except Roxanne, a Ying-Yang Gem in their color, example, Gumball pale grey, Mabel red-orange and like that. Roxanne is the only one who knows how to control them, but not Cymbio, so, now must Cymbio learn how too use them in huge fights too be super. they look like this

Claymation Edit

A mysterious unnamed villain from Season 1 turns Cymbio into claymation (CGI) characters.

Evil Mastermind Behind it All Edit

The mysterious villain finally reveals himself and plans to destroy Cymbio. (one hour special)

The Mystery of Fangy Edit

Cymbio must fight Dr.Budur, but the kids is missing, it shows that Fangy had taked them.

Four in OneEdit

When the quadruplets became the Rulers of Crystal, the get fused in one person! So the rest of the Cymbio have to deal with Cerys.

The DiseaseEdit

There is a disease that's spreading throughout Elmore, and the only survivor is Lilly.

Clones and Stuff Edit

The Epic Wizard decides to redo his clone takeover and make the clones much stronger.

Never ending forest Edit

Brad gets trapped in a forest where no one has ever escaped.

Who Do You Think You Are? (Part 1)Edit

An evil villain named Xerno severely injures Martha, and kidnaps the most of the Cymbio. The children are safe. With who, you may ask? Harry. Harry Mertens.

===Who Do You Think You Are? (Part 2)===

Martha finally wakes up. But...she can't remember anything that's happened in the past fourteen years!

===Who Do You Think You Are? (Part 3)===

Martha and Harry set off to rescue the Cymbio. They find a few friends along the way.

two big steps for dogs Edit

Hot Dog and Sullvan drinks a potion by mistake in the fridge and turns into giants. now, must Cymbio help Sullvan and Hot Dog become their normal form again

many stories of Cymbio. part one. Edit

heres a little saga of Cymbios stories.

Gumballs Air Bending Edit

Gumball is trying to learn how to controll his powers.

Mabels fears Edit

Mabel is afraid what is gonna happen after the movie " Burned ".

Cobbys strenght Edit

Rodney trains Cobby how to destroy all his fears.

Little tree of hope Edit

Beckie is with the Cherry tree all the time and later, she sees that many people from the past have planted this tree.

huge adventure for a little puppy Edit

have you wonder what Pac is doing when he is not with Cymbio?

the secret love Edit

Conny and Caroline is on a date in Keotopia, but Conny is a bit proective to her.

Lilly´s hope ( last episode of part one! ) Edit

Lilly is visiting Jacop and sees if he is ok with him.

great big festivale! Edit

every year, its a big festivale in Keotopia. whole Cymbio is gonna visit it.

Buddies! Edit

While the gang sets out on a week long adventure, Inferna takes charge of everything even Pac. Dr. Budur tries to kidnap the two.

The Next Fight Edit

Sullvan loses control for a few seconds, and puts the chip that made him turn evil onto hot dog, before turning normal again. After the gang found out about Hot Dog turning evil. They need to help him. ( P.S! it takes place Before " the mystery of Fangy "! )

Full Force Edit

Dr. Budar kidnaps Martha, and forces her to watch a film which hypnotizes her to become evil.

The Graveyard Edit

A cymbio member walks into a graveyard, and goes missing.

The Enemy (Season finale.) Edit

The Cymbio faces with a new enemy which weakens them, and takes over Elmore.




  • Strangely, Sullvan doesn't appear as often in this season. Despite the fact that he appeared in pretty much all the teasers.
  • The Five Nights at Dominos episode is similar to Five Nights at Freddy's.
  • The quadruplets will be fused as Cerys until the middle of the season.
  • in the last episode of this season, Roxannes enemy Will be the main villian in season 3.

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