This is the season 3 of Gumball Final Fantasy.

Plot: Edit

unlike season 1 and 2, season 3 is bit darker and serious than the other seasons. The end of the Enemy ( season 2 finale ), Roxannes main villian takes Dr.Budur's place and he togheter with Dr.Budur Teams up and now, must Cymbio together with new friends and old friends and foes team up and fight them both.

Episodes: Edit

Dark team up ( part 1 and 2 ) Edit

After the ending of the Enemy, Roxannes Enemy commes to Dr.Budur and helps him With destroying Cymbio. Now must Cymbio team up With Jill,Chris,Mikhail,Meemee,AiAi,Crypto and other old friends to stop them.

Tigress among us Edit

Cymbio meets Eli and Cole and Cymbio helps them with saving people from kiddnapers and enemies.

Fire Sisters Edit

Martha learns how to use fire powers, while Mabel is afraid of her using her fire powers.

Search for her people Edit

Cobby Jr. Anais and Lillys friend from season 1 episode " true powers " commes and she wants to help the gang to defeat the evil and save her planet.

Bring me to life Edit

Cobby builds a realistic human robot name Sakura and trains her to be good and fight to be evil.

Bad Dog Edit

Doug is kidnapped and turned evil. Meanwhile, (insert side plot here)

 ??? Edit

A new member joins cymbio, however a certain villain sees him as too powerful and attempts to destroy him.

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