Ina Ferna is Mabel's reincarnation and Mary-Kate's sister. Her debut in the series is Reversed.

Ina Ferna
Hair Color: Bright orange with black tips
Eye Color: Tangerine
Red-orange (when enraged)
Nationality: Unknown
Species: Living flame with an embodiment of a human (formerly)
Cat (reincarnation)
Spirit (temporarily)
Hometown: Fire Empire
Born: Unknown (no one knows her birthday)
Also known as: Ina
Sister (by Mary-Kate)
Professional Information
  Ruler of the Flaria/Fire Empire (formerly)
Friends and Family
Queen Flame and King Frost
Mary-Kate (twin sister)
The gang, Mabel (only if Ina is in her dreams), Harry, Aerinus, Terreine, Mary-Kate
Dr Budur, Lauren, Charlotte
Love interests:
Deceased (formerly; revived as a reincarnation)
Powers and Abilities:
Heat Sense
Enhanced Swordsmanship
Enhanced Athleticism
Crystal sword, Flaria Gem
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
Voiced by:
Jennifer Paz

Personality Edit

She is serious and ill-tempered, but is quiet and peaceful (if she's not angry). However, she is wise, when you need some advice. During her debut, she is shown to be intimidating and aggravated, because of the monstrous thing that has happened to her.

She is intelligent and hard-working, and wants the plan to be perfect. She can be a little selfish, as sometimes forgetting her friends, but in the end, she learns to value them.

She is overprotective to her sister and her reincarnation. She will stand up to Mary-Kate if she faces trouble, or even become visible if Mabel is in deep trouble.

On the inside, she is caring and motherly to the gang and tries her best to take care of them, even if she doesn't have a physical body.

Appearance Edit

She is a tall, slender woman with long bright orange hair with black tips. Her hair can glow or set up in flames, if she wanted to. She wears a orange-yellow dress that almost looked like it is made of fire, but it does not. She doesn't wear shoes, because all she can do is to levitate. Her physique is spirit-like and has an orange aura.

Trivia Edit

  • She, alongside with

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