Inferna is a Sparkling that appeared in Burned.

Gender: Non-binary
Age: Has no age
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Brown
Species: Sparkling
Hometown: Any place of the Fire Empire
Also known as: Sparkling
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Cymbio, Perrault, Pac (best buddy), Sumokis, Eloisa and everyone who are good
Charlotte, Budur
Powers and Abilities:
The ability to disappear and reappear
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by:
Kristen Bell

Appearance Edit

She is a tiny floating flame that follows Mabel around. Her flames are colored orange. She has brown eyes and a small mouth. When she is about to die, her body is starts to turn blue and next, brown. Her arms are stick-like. Her feet is not shown, but they pop out if she wants to stand on land.

Personality Edit

She is very curious and inquisitive, always asking Mabel what is she seeing. She is a good friend to her, and is very loyal to the gang as well. If she sees her friends in trouble, she immediately helps them.

She can be a little bit of a coward, and hides from huge monsters. She is talkative, as interrupting Mabel when she is about to say something, which annoys her.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the first companion introduced in the series.
  • She is a good friend of Perrault.
  • When she is dying, her voice raises.
  • Out of all the others, she is the only one who is ageless.