James Kenney is a character in Gumball Final Fantasy Wiki.


He is a Dalmation with heterochromia which means his right eye are blue while his left eye is brown.In Gumbapedia fanon wiki he wears an orange long sleeved shirt,a white vest and a blue jeans.He also has a black mark that looked liked ring in his right eyes and he has a faint cross shaped birthmark in his chest.In Gumball Final Fantasy he wears a bright orange shirt,a red jacket,blue jeans and green boots.


He is a kind person and he even cared for the others and smart as well but in the mission he is serious,he's also a good strategist but never attempt to become the leader of cymbio.Sometimes he can be arrogant or act like jerk and reckless.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Regeneration:James can regenarate when he got fatally injured like Mabel.Except he were able to do that in just mere seconds unlike Mabel which would finish it in minutes
  • Reviving:James can revive anybody who were dead and if they have any injury in their body it would cause it to get healed too but also cost him a lot of energy
  • Curse:James can cast several curse on anybody he likes,the curses includes Death curse,Injure curse,etc.
  • Meteorokinesis:He can summon meteor to hit an enemy.he can also choose the property of the meteor.
  • Elemental power:He can use every elemental power the gang have.
  • Materializing:He can materialize any object he can think out of thin air simply just by focusing on the object he want to summon.
  • Healing:He can heal any injuries any person suffers.
  • Force Field:He can summon force field that can resist anything
  • Telelepathy:He can read anybody's mind by using echolocation.
  • Telekinesis:He can control and move object by using his own mind
  • Prediction:He can predict any upcoming event
  • Martial art mastery:He master all martial arts including karate,boxing,kung fu,etc.
  • Weapon mastery:He were able to handle any weapon goodly.
  • Freerunning:He has an excellent freerunning ability and he can even do a leap of faith quickly
  • Superhuman powers:He has several superhuman power which includes lifting a thing that is many tons heavier than him,Run faster than Usain Bolt,Sonic,Tails,Flash and Rainbow Dash combined.
  • Invisibility:He can become invisible for 30 minutes
  • Mimicry:He can copy any power of every people he meet
  • Camouflage:He can camouflage to hide from an enemy
  • Master Inventor:He can create an invention in just mere seconds.
  • Master Builder:Same as Master inventor,except it create building instead
  • Master Creator:Same as Master creator,except it allow him to create anything,from simple object to complex object
  • Intelligence:He has an intellect that were on par with Cobby



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