This is the first episode of Season 3 (or 4).

P.S.: The time is in the future. I told you this because you might get confused of the story.

Plot Edit

It's been ages since the Cymbio's sudden disappearance. No one has ever had news about them nor see them. It revealed that they quit and lived a normal life. But now, there is a mysterious villain waiting to attack Elmore, or possibly, the whole world. Will the Cymbio come back into action?

Transcript Edit

It's been so many years since they started their own gang... All the adventures, all the amazing stuff they get, and everything else. But I don't know. I really don't. They've been gone for AGES and still, we haven't learned anything about them. But now, I'll tell you where are they now...

Gumball and his quadruplet sisters? They're in senior high. They are doing pretty well actually, but I should tell you that, they are now hiding their powers and identity to everyne so they can have the normal life they always wanted.

Purriana is the cheer leading squad captain and is known to be the most fashionable girl in school. She joined because she wants to "cheer for Andy".

Rayona won first prize at a cooking competition at their school.

Mabel? Well, she and Cobby broke up. They agreed to stay friends. She is the leader... OF her siblings. That's it.

Gumball is still the mischievous boy we all know and love. He hasn't changed so he can be with his friends. Who can change someone so awesome?

Oh Darwin as well. Darwin supported fish extinction and their kind and dreams of becoming a ichthyologist so that he can spread fish awareness across the globe.

Now. Where was I? The Nuttels, right.

Martha has matured and takes things seriously-NOPE. She

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