Pac is one of the meberss in the group. He is Beckies dog.

Pac in Gumball Final Fantasy

age: he is a Puppy.

voice actor: he often barks, but he talked in the episode "Puppy Love" for the first time to the gang and his voice actor is Ellen Collen, later in season 3, he is Voiced by Cree Summer.

Personality Edit

he is a nice and strong Puppy. he is very loyal to Beckie and makes a very strong relationship With her. He trustes everyone in the gang, but not so much. He is very proective to Beckie and the others when They are in danger.

in the episode "Puppy Love", it is the first time he talks. He gets very jealous and sad Over that Beckie got a Sumoki name Blossom and goes away from the gang. When he first meet Blossom, she called him over and over again him "mommy", beacuse he scared away the other Nature sumokis when They where mean at Blossom and she was born there for the first time and saw Pac as her Guardian Angel. But later They become friends.

Apperance Edit

he has a light Brown fur,has a neckless With a star on it.

Later in season 2, he gets a new design. He haves pilot glasses on his head, a grey scarf and later on the season, he gets his gem on a gray bracelet around his Paw.


Beckie: his best friend. They have a really strong realationship With her and hang around with her almost all the time.

Blossom: he stod up for the other Nature Sumokis and later she called him "Mommy", wich annoyed Pac very much. But later when she was in danger, he saves her and apoliges what he Did.

Anais,Lilly and Cobby Jr: he gets really annoyed by them, but saved them many times and They often play With him.

the others: he likes the others very much too, but not really Monica,Jake and Flexy.

Inferna: he tries to get her face, but she thinks he likes to play. In the end, he gets her body, which saddens her, but he returned to retrieve it, rekindling and accepting her friendship

Enemies and Rivals Edit

Dr.Budur: his main villian ( so far ).

Tulip: his rival. He,Beckie and Blossom are the only one who cant be hyptones of her.

Will: his other rival.

Tobias: his other rival.

Mr.Small: like Gumballpedia wiki, he is rival With him.


he is the only one in the group who is like a real life pet.

he shows to be good friend to the gangs Cymbois.

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