Genevieve "Purriana" Rhiannon Grande-Watterson is one of the main characters in Gumball Final Fantasy.

Genevieve Rhiannon Grande-Watterson
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Hair Color: Brown with sand colored edges
Brown with sky blue edges (after arriving Ceres)
Eye Color: Black
Blue (when enlarged)
Nationality: American with European roots
Species: Cat
Hometown: Elmore
Born: October 16, 2000
Also known as: Ari, Purriana, Lady
Professional Information
  Monster killer, Water Monarchy (generational)
Friends and Family
Nicole (mother), Richard (father)
Fireball (older brother), Mabel, Rayona (quadruplet sisters), Gumball (quadruplet brother), Anais (younger sister), Darwin (adoptive brother)
Cymbio, Eloisa, Eleanor
Dr. Budur, Charlotte
Love interests:
Pets: Izzy and Diamond (Sumokis)
Powers and Abilities:
Hydrokinesis, cryokinesis, flight, sound manipulation, enhanced athleticism, shapeshifting, telepathy (via gem), crystal manipulation, aquatic respiration
Spear, Aquaria Gem
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by:
Ariana Grande


Purriana is a blue cat with brown curly hair, worn in different hairstyles. Her attire consists of a short jeans jacked over a rainbow-colored dress and dusty pink flats. Her weapon is a water spear made by her Aquaria gem.

After arriving on Ceres, her hair has now sky blue edges and is worn mostly in pigtails. Her attire consists of a ice blue cardigan over a rainbow dress and crystal cotton-candy flats. Her spear has now a baby blue glow and since Ceres people love jewelries, her gem is now a bracelet.

In her ceremonial attire, she wears a short-sleeved blue-green gown with teardrop designs. It also has a green cape with a tear drop on it. Her hair is very wavy, to represent the ocean waves. She secretly wore boots instead of her heels that she was given. And it is tradition to wear gloves, so she wears blue gloves. Her makeup consists of cyan eye shadow, liquid eyeliner, and magenta lipstick.

Her royal/crystal attire changes every week, but the most notable one she wears is a one-sleeved seafoam green dress that is decorated with crystal tear drops. It has a long blue trail that is made of sheer fabric. She wears crystallized shoes (every quadruplet sister wears those). Her hair is loose and is decorated with tiny crystal tear drops.

Her crown is made of silver and has blue tear-shaped jewels on it.

Personality Edit

As the second oldest, she is very confident. She loves being on the spotlight and has a taste for fashion. Despite being a show-off, she uses the kingdom's wealth wisely and uses it for other purposes.

She can handle interviewers and answers very carefully. She is shown to be a perfectionist, not wanting to make a mistake, especially when it comes to meetings and speeches.

Despite all of that, she enjoys being free sometimes. She tends to relax more than to work.

Trivia Edit

  • Out of all the others, she wore the most makeup at her coronation.
  • She still enjoys fashion.
  • She disliked the tradition to wear capes and gloves at a coronation, however, she forced herself to like it.
  • She has the most royal attires so far, having 10 different attires each week.

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