Reina 'Kathy" Firedome-Miyazaki
Gender: Female
Age: 12 (2015)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Black
Nationality: Japanese (formerly), American
Species: Cat
Hometown: Filmore
Born: 27th March 2003
Also known as: Nana, Genius, Kathy
Professional Information
Major: Science
Friends and Family
Emma Firedome (mother), Akira Miyazaki (father), Daniella Yoshida (stepmother)
Ayami Y-M (sister), Danny F-M (older brother, deceased)
Everyone evil??
Pets: Tabby (cat)
Main powers:
Telekinesis, Science Manipulation
I'm a genius!!

Reina-Kathy Firedome-Miyazaki is a character in Gumball Final Fantasy. She is one of the geniuses on this wiki.


She studied at Tokyo IT. At her old school, she will neither wear a school uniform or a lab coat. At Elmore, she studies at Elmore IT (fanon only), and she wears a black cardigan over a purple shirt, and she has brown hair tied in repeated ponytails, a yellow and black belt with a denim skirt, and golden shoes. She is a blue cat. She has a light yellow hair pin with a big pink star.


Reina is a genius and by that I  mean a reeeeaaaaallll genius, just like all of the geniuses you know, in real life, cartoon or anything!! She is also wise in making a decision and using her powers.

Reina was a lonely girl, 'cause yeah... she is from Japan, and it was hard fitting in. But after meeting the main stars of Gumball Final Fantasy, she becomes the prodigy of plans. Her keyblade is magical 'cause it can collect all sorts of electricity, and she uses it very wisely.

Reina can sometimes be... a rebeller in the team, and this makes her not wise. She makes spontaneous actions, but sometimes it is useful to fight the enemies, sometimes not.

Powers and WeaknessesEdit

  • Science and Technology: Her strongest power, and her main one. Reina as a genius makes her easy to use it.
  • Telekinesis: Duh....
  • Wave Absorbsing: She can absorb waves (sound waces, wind waves etc.), which is a strange but unique power. (Don't erase this!!)
  • Hydrokinesis: Hey, just because she has it too, doesn't mean she shares her powers.
  • Lightning Speed: Wow!!!

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