Gender: Male
Age: 30
Hair Color: none
Eye Color: yellow
Born: March 5, 1985
Friends and Family
Dr. Budar (Creator)
Dr. Budar.
Cymbio, Sullvan, Gumball, Martha, Hot Dog, Mabel, Cobby, MeeMee, Crypto, Eloisa, To much to count.

S.T.L (Sarthall.) Is the main character of Season 3. He is the new enemy of the Cymbio


S.T.L seems to be a combination of Sullvan DogHot DogGumball Final Fantasy, and Martha Nuttels. He has Sullvan's Head, ears, nose, and body. He has Martha's eyes, and Withered Gumball's Missing arm as a tail. He has a black rim around his eye, similar to Hot Dog. He has an exoskeleton hand on his right hand, and is missing half of his left ear. His left eye is broken, and shows an endoskeleton eye. He has multiple tears in his body. His mouth is also teared, which means he's always smiling. He seems to be all dusty, and he has a bit of hair on his head. His legs, and feet show his exoskeleton. His bottom half is teared the most. He is a greenish, yellow in color.


S.T.L is evil, just like most of the others. He seems to be broken, and he doesn't seem to function right. His voice glitches most of the time. He


S.T.L seems to be an old robot Budar made years ago, but he abandoned him before he could even be finished. After Martha accidently shot him with an electricity bolt, he came to life, and planned revenge on Dr. Budar for abandoning him, and forgeting him. He would later kidnap Dr. Budar, and lock him up in a prison like cage. He would later take over Dr. Budar's lair, and try to defeat the gang himself.

Eventually, he would feel bad for what he did to Dr. Budar, and he would let him out.


S.T.L's malfuntioning voice box that is heard occasionally. (WARNING: PUT YOUR VOLUME LOW. VERY LOW!!!)


  • Unlike most of the characters here, S.T.L was born withered, and was always a robot. This makes him the second character who is withered, but not by Dr. Budar. The first character is Fangy
  • He is the second humanoid robot who Budar created to destroy the Cymbio. The first was Jacob.
  • He is the first character Agent made that was in Season 3.
  • He is a reference to Spring Trap from Five Nights at Freddy's 3.
  • Sarthall was the first character to make someone evil, other than Dr. Budar.


"Im-im-im-i'm sorry, creator...."

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