Shadow is an Unknown character that first appeared in The Shadow Gem.

Shadow Gumball

The only picture of Shadow Gumball So Far.

Appearance Edit

Despite his name, Shadow Gumball doesn't exactly look like Gumball. He has Sullvan's head, body, and arms. He has Gumball's legs, ears, and tail. He has completely white eyes, and always smiles. He also has a slouched position, like Fangy.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about him, except that he is always in a still position. He also Teleports.

History Edit

Season 2 Edit

The Shadow Edit

Shadow Gumball first appeared in The Shadow, where Sullvan first discovered him in the woods. He was later seen again when he was talked about in the woods. Not much is known about him yet.

Episode Appearances Edit

Season 2 Edit

The Shadow

Trivia Edit

  • He was one of the only characters who didn't appear in any of the trailers. The second was Felix.
  • He may be related to S.T.L in some way.

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