History Edit

Million years ago, at Eureka, a mountain was filled with flowers and animals loved it. People were so adored by its beauty, they decided to protect it from destruction. The whole nations wanted it, that they even want to conquer, especially the Great Mirror. Queen Ina gathered all people to guard everyone and the Summer Mountain (the former name). After Europe gave up, Asia attacked.

After 30 years of horrible war, Asia, Oceania and Africa already gave up. The peple thought it was all over, but they all were out of defenses and the Great Mirror takes its turn with tons of heavy armored mirror nymphs. The people never gave up and fought. In 12 decades, people and mirror nymphs mainly surrendered and made an independence.

Ingrid the Snow Queen evilly cursed the mountain just to torture people, which wasn't even sensing at all. A giant blizzard hit Traenmus and froze the people to death, then targets Summer Mountain. The mountain then causes an eternal winter. People then called it "Snowflake Mountain".

Trivia Edit

  • The mountain is revealed to have a giant snowflake.

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