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Sullvan Dog, along with his future self.

Sullvan Dog
Good Guy Bad Guy
A comprehension of his original self, and his withered version.
Gender: male
Age: 11/ 12 (Gumbapedia Fanon wikia.) 16 (Here.)
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: black
Species: dog
Born: May 3rd
Friends and Family
Hot Dog (Brother.) Dinky (Deceased little brother.) Dogs (Cousins.)
Cymbio, Pac, etc
Dr. Budar
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by:
Agentpman1 (Gumbapedia, and Gumball Final Fantasy.) Max Cazier (Anywhere else.)

Sullvan Dog is a character that first appeared in Lego Bricks.


In the Gumbapedia Fanon Wikia, and here, He is a blue dog with a round, circle head with three peices of hair on it. He also has a small oval-shaped body, and small arms with triangular hands. He has a small tail and legs and feet that are all black sick figure-like-legs. He has large eyes with a small tiny dot-like nose. He has a long mouth with his upper lip being visible.

In season two in the Gumbapedia Fonon Wikia, he gets a redesign. His head became slightly bigger, and his fur became darker. His mouth also changed a bit.

In later season two, and season 3 in the Gumbapedia Fanon Wikia, and here, he got a redesign once again. He obtained his Season 1 design, but his head became smaller, and his body became bigger.

When he obtains a certain Powerful element, he gains a new appearance. Half of his head becomes black, similar to a mask. He obtains a black, sun-like, shape on his body, and, an odd flower petal-like design on his back. The most noticeable change to him is that his hands become a glowing, white, light which gives him the ability to fly, and a spikier tail. His pupils also become yellow.

After Budar takes control of him, He gets a new appearance. He becomes darker, and he gains an eyepatch. His skull is replaced with an endoskeleton (Creepy, huh?) but it's only noticed when he exploded in the explosion, and had a bunch of holes, and tears on his body. His ear showed his endoskeleton, with wires coming out of it. He also has a pirate hook for a hand that can change into a Drill, a knife, and a sword.


Sullvan Dog has a smart personality, similar to Fireball. Originally, he had a fear of humans. As a matter of fact, he was scared of everything. He had a similar personality to Courage The Cowardly Dog's. In Season 2, he no longer fears humans, and he became smarter, and more strict. In Season 3 he became more rude, and started to trick people into doing something, and getting money from doing it.

When he obtains a certain gem, he gets the ability to fly, and slow down time with a single spin.

History Edit

Lego Bricks (Episode) Edit

Sullvan Makes his first in this episode, where he get's kidnapped by Dr. Budar, and get's sent to a lego, like, planet.

The Lost Treasure Edit

Sullvan is seen again in the clubhouse, reading an I spy book. He is later seen again with a bunch of his cousins, formed as an army, to protect the rest of Elmore from being destroyed. However, Eventually the dogs were hypnotized by the gem, and they became gem craving zombies. Sullvan, however, survived, but ran away.


Sullvan, himself, didn't appear officially in the movie at all. However, a picture of him was on Dr. Budar's plan list. He was also mentioned somewhere near the end by Budar, too.

The Planet Edit

Sullvan Made his third appearance in The Planet. Only his voice was shown in the beginning. In the end of the episode, he was fully shown, and he said that he wasn't feeling good. Which foreshadows the events of the season finale.

The Final Fight SagaEdit

Sullvan turned evil by Dr. Budar.

Season 2Edit

Five nights at Domino'sEdit

Sullvan made his first appearance in the season 2 short episode, Fnad. Like Five Nights at Freddy's, he is on nightwatch trying to survive. He later survives the night, and quits.

The Mystery of FangyEdit

Sullvan appeared in The Mystery of Fangy, but only in the beginning.

The DiseaseEdit

Sullvan made an appearence in The Disease, but, again, he only appeared in the begininng.

two big steps for big dogsEdit

Sullvan made a cameo in the end of the episode, where he become a giant. He is only shown sleeping, thus making this the only time he has no speaking role.

The Next FightEdit

Sullvan made his second major role in The Next Fight. He is shown in his evil form once again, and he turns Hot Dog evil.

The EnemyEdit

Sullvan made a brief cameo in the Enemy, where his body parts were in Dr. Budar's box.

Quotes Edit

"Oh No!...Oooohhh god....." Lego Bricks (Episode)

"We are not Doing this Again!!!" The Planet

"I don't fell so good..." The Planet

"JUST SHAD UP!!!" The Lost Treasure

"Guys...I'm sorry...I truly am...I didn't mean to scare you.....I wasn't always like this...I used to be the same as all of you....weak...happy....normal....but then...He took control...I'm so sorry, everyone.......I couldn't help it....This is all my fault....." The Final Fight (Part 1) (Dream.) The Final Fight (Part 2) (Thinking.)

"I wan't to finish the job..." The Final Fight (Part 2)

Episode Appearances Edit

Season 1 Edit

Lego Bricks (Episode)

The Lost Treasure

The Planet

The Final Fight (Part 1)

The Final Fight (Part 2)

Season 2 Edit

Five nights at Domino's (Major role.)

The Mystery of Fangy

The Disease

two big steps for dogs (cameo.)

The Next Fight

The Enemy (cameo.)



Behind It All..01:24

Behind It All... A Test Animation By Agentpman1

Sullvan in the Behind it All animation


    • Fangy is also evil, but he didn't become a slave.
  • Sullvan has round, and ovalish ears, but his exoskeleton ear is triangular.
    • It's also worth knowing that his ear is always point upwards.
  • Out of all the characters here, Sullvan was the only character that didn't appear in human form in Burned. Instead, he appeared in a poster on Dr. Budar's plan list.
    • As a matter of fact, he is the only character that didn't appear in human form at all.
      • Actually, as a matter of fact, He is the only cymbio member to not officially appear throught the movie at all. He only made a breif cameo in a notepad.
  • Agentpman1 stated in an interview that Sullvan would play a very big role in the season finale, which foreshadow's the events that will happen on the final episode on season 1.
    • Agentpman1 also stated on an interview, that he thought that Sullvan was always his favorite Oc in the series. Along With Martha Nuttels.
  • Sullvan Seems to have appeared in the least Episodes in the series, up to the point where Hot Dog made more appearances than him.
    • However, He does have some of the most biggest roles on the show.
  • Sullvan was the final character to talk in the season.
  • Sullvan, along with Hot Dog, and the Dogs, are the only characters to not have an elemental power. (Unless you count his flying power.)
  • Despite the fact that he has a flying power, it is only seen in 1 episode so far. 
  • Sullvan is the first character to have a flying power. The second is Volt

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