The Temple of Wisedom is a temple in Keotopia. This is where the oldest tree of Keotopia is found.

History Edit

There was a war between Keotopia and Leopardia. Eloisa's parents planted a tree into the Temple of Wisedom in order to protect their daughters and even the people from the danger of the war. The tree grew fast and was enchanted as well. It gave gifts and blessings to the people, not knowing that they are in war. Many Keotopians lived, but many Keotopian knights died. They commemorated the death of the brave knights and some believed they became the leaves of the tree.

Appearance Edit

Temple of wisedom
Before the war, the temple looked sturdy, with its pillars and the magical statues. It has paintings that shows the history of Keotopia and other kingdoms.

The old tree has purple leaves that shimmers, which is very unusual to any tree that existed on Earth. It can live forever and it is taken care by the deities. It gives gifts to any good dwellers or travelers from different worlds in order to see the tree.

Trivia Edit

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