The Epic Wizard is a villain and a recurring character. 

The Epic Wizard
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Yellow
Species: Demon
Hometown:  ??????????
Born: 11th century
Professional Information
Position in {{{band}}}:
Friends and Family
1 brother


The Epic Wizard wears a black robe with a hood. His face is completely  black, And his eyes are completely yellow, no pupils.

History Edit

The Epic wizard was born in 1013. He inherited his fathers powers. When he was a kid/teen, he would time travel alot.

He later got married in 1040 and had 2 children. The Epic wizard and his wife eventually became villains along with his son (the 2nd son was gone.).

At some point before 1080, his wife passed away and The Epic Wizard left his hometown.





  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Can teleport
  • Hypnosis
  • water
  • Turn things into rock
  • turn people into food
  • Shape shift
  • Clone

Other powers...


  • Will is not his only adopted son.
  • His real name is unknown, even he forgot what it was.
  •  He has many decendants.
  • He is 1001 years old.
  • He cloned some of his powers and gave it to Will when he was little. He is also the reason why volt has powers.
  • He inherited his fathers powers
  • If all his powers get drained from him, he will die.
  • He used to be a cat, but transformed into something else.

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