The Sacred Sword of Twinbarrel is an ancient sword that belonged to Aerinus's great-grandfather, Twinbarrel, but is currently in the hands of Gumball.

Description Edit

Rumors said that Twinbarrel's Sacred Sword is indestructible and is made of diamonds, but are falsified, because it is made by a powerful spell given by the crown jewel's spirit, Rivotra. It is a glowing and crystallized blue sword that is shaped like a narrow flame. It is placed in a cluster of diamonds, and can be only released if Aerinus or his reincarnation ever find it.

History Edit

Rivotra blessed Twinbarrel with a magical sword as a token of worthiness and acceptance of being the new king of Aerium. Many people were jealous of him, but many wanted the sword for themselves. Many expert thieves were arrested or executed trying to steal the precious treasure of the kingdom.

Eloisa, as a young girl, had a friendship with Twinbarrel, so she secretly witnessed a wicked sorcerer casting a curse on Twinbarrel: he immediately loses the war and executed with his own sword. Eloisa was distraught and begs the CWWW for help. The CWWW, felt the mercy in her, agreed to help her and reversed the curse.

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