i did an another picture, now with Sullvan,Fangy,Hot Dog and the youngest togheter. now, it looks like the youngest is traped. will they ever escape?

Sullvan: well,well...look what we have here...

Fangy: i got the brown haired kitten.

Hot Dog: what shall we do now?

Sullvan: i know....( evil laugh )

Lilly: ( crying ) why? WHY?! you too,Hot Dog? i thought that you where good!

Anais: ( looks at Sullvan,Hot Dog and Fangy and cries )

Cobby Jr.: ( is angry and crying at the same time ) you will never get out of this!

Sullvan: oh, little one...i already have... ( evil laughs with Fangy and Hot Dog )

Anais,Lilly and Cobby Jr.: ( looks at Sullvan,Fangy and Hot Dog in horror )
Gumball Final Fantasy season 2


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