Guys, we all have heard of Burned. Thanks to it, almost nobody is here anymore. I got an idea, why can't we just erase whole Burned? Yeah, you heard me right. Rihanna609, if you Seeing this, Sorry, but look at yourself! You have turned slowly a Frozen obessed fan. And Making Eleanor just to kill her off, it is just pointless to me. I got an better idea, lets make an another 1 hour special and replace it With Burned or if we Don't do it, it Will get worse...

The idea of the another 1 hour special is gonna be called " Mabel's Kingdom ". It's about Mabel is gonna be fire Queen, but she is a bit unsure about it and Dr.Budur is comming later at the festivale and now, must the gang go and save Keotopia and the other planets of Dr.Budur, while Mabel and Martha is teamworking for help Their friends and While that, Mabel using her fire powers to build a fire kingdom to save the people.

Here is the diffrence: - Eleanor is NOT gonna get killed this time. - other songs ( except Let it Burn ) is gonna get scraped and you can do your own songs or insert your own song. - it is NOT gonna be a Frozen rip-off and They are gonna be With Inferna from the begining.

But here is what is gonna be untouched: - Let it Burn is gonna be in this, except other songs. - the characters is gonna be potrayed by actors.

That's it. And Rihanna609, if you Reading this, i don't want you shall yell at me, it is your own chance, do a rip-off or do a better 1 hour special. Your choice. I hope you Realise. Anyways, comment what you think of this!