Volt is a main character and a cousin of gumball.

Volt Watterson
Some attributes
First Age: 9-10
Second Species: Cat
Third Unknown
Other attributes
Fourth Relatives: Gumball (cousin) Jake (brother) Unnamed father, Susie (mother; deceased)
Fifth Voiced by: Unknown.


Volt is a light green cat with brown hair. Volt commonly wears a black helmet that covers his head.  He wears a brown jacket and black pants. He also wears Black shoes.


Volt is depressed. He sometimes tries to ignore people. He can be nice sometimes....but usually not to jake. 


Jake WattersonEdit

They are enemies.

Beckie Petersson

he tries to ignore her, while she tries to help him out of his depression.


  • Fire
  • Freeze
  • Turn things into stone
  •   lava doesnt doesnt do anything to him
  • Shape shifting
  • flying
  • teleport
  • A ability to send people into the past or future. It is VERY hard for him to do it and sometimes, it will randomly happen.


  • He has a journal.
  • No one ever remember's his birthday.
  • He has a different father, unlike his  siblings. So, Watterson is not his real last name.

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